Do You Like Funky Graphic Tees?

I do. In fact I like them so much, that I decided to make some to share. I always have these crazy shirt ideas floating around in my head… and finally I decided to turn them into reality. I opened the Lingo Slinger Apparel store! I do hope you like my shirts, they are very much in line with the style of this blog (cheeky, rude, funny, and sometimes offensive).

So please, let me know what you think of my shirts. I’d love some feedback! I only have 12 products right now, but I will have more within the next week. I just need to sit down and design them. I am hoping to have about 20 different shirts by the end of the week.

And hey – if anyone does end up buying one… please send me a picture of you sporting the shirt so that I can put your picture up on the site.

Take me to the store NOW please!!
Fuck Off!! (It’s okay, I can take it)


5 thoughts on “Do You Like Funky Graphic Tees?

  1. What will you think of next?? I love the tee’s….I am seriously thinking of ordering one of the sweats and a couple of the t’s….your mind amazes me. I mean not that graphic tee’s are new but at least you make them fun….you go GURL!!!

  2. Thanks! I just got my first order today actually… VERY EXCITING! I am working on some new designs right now. I just added a BBQ apron that says “Make It Yourself”!

  3. I personally love the ‘Love is for Losers’ T!! And I would because I am dealing with break ups all the time. (Not all mine, mostly friends) I keep giving them bad advise because it is friendship security for me. Who do you think they run to when the going gets tough? That’s right- ME. I tell them I am sh*ty at advice, do your own thing, hell, you only live once, right?

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