The Price is Right

I always get a kick out of watching The Price is Right. Bob truly is the man! He’s seen more pussy in his lifetime than a toilet seat at the Playboy Mansion. He’s starting to lose his hearing now though in his old age, which is actually okay because it just adds to the entertainment value of the show!

Bob: “Jennifer can I have your bid please?”
Jennifer: “$700 Bob”
Bob: “$200. Jennifer’s bid is $200. John what is your bid?”
Jennifer: “No uhh SEVEN HUNDRED Bob”
Bob: “Okay Jennifer would like to change her bid to $100.”

It’s pretty funny when a young college guy gets up on stage and is presented with a lovely selection of prizes such as; a crystal curio cabinet, a dining room table and chairs, and a set of fine china. You can see the look on his face when he wins… He’s pissed, thinking “why couldn’t I have won the fucking car”. He will be mocked by his friends, he’ll never live it down.

The audience shirts are the creme de la creme! I’ve been thinking about what my shirt would say if I were to go to the show. Here’s what I came up with:

“I don’t want the luggage or the sofa… I want the CAR!”
“I sat in The Price is Right audience and all I got was this t-shirt (that I paid for)”
“I’d club a seal for you Bob”
“I’m going to bid 1$ more than the person next to me… Just to be a bitch!”
“If I win the Hummer i’ll give it TO YOU Bob!”
“Bob cares about pussies”
“No you can’t have my bid!! Just kidding… 1$ Bob!”

Okay, well now that I have these shirt ideas, I think that I should probably go and get some tickets. It’d be a shame to waste these gems!


10 thoughts on “The Price is Right

  1. Oh my, is his hearing really that bad on the show? How hillarious is that!! I need to watch the show again. Maybe I will see you sporting one of your new shirts. Are the tickets still free?

  2. Hell Yeah!! Wouldn’t it be awesome to say you seen his last show… or better yet, to have him croak ON YOU. Whoa.
    Then I would get into the tshirt making business to and design a shirt that reads:
    That’s right, Bob croaked on ME.

  3. Hey… You know, you have a VERY GOOD POINT!! I think i’ll wait to get my Price is Right tickets. I’ll wait until Bob starts looking really rough. Maybe when he starts forgetting people’s bids and explaining Plinko multiple times, forgetting that he’s already explained it. Yeah!! Timing is everything!

  4. Or you could just go to every show until the end. Take a month off of work, hire a babysitter, camp outside the studio, and shower in the bathroom sink; Bob is bound to kick the bucket soon.

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