5 Things I Love About The End of Summer

So the summer is over and it’s time to put away the Hawaiian shirts, flip flops and capris. Don’t be sad though, there’s lots of things to be happy about. Here are 5 things that I love about the end of Summer and the start of Fall.

1.) The weather. My poor eyes don’t have to be subjected to seeing folks in denial busting out of summer threads that are OBVIOUSLY too small for them. You know the type, the chick who thinks that because her shirt hangs loosely at the front that it’s okay to subject people behind her to her huge flaps of back fat, or the disgusting dude with an extremely hairy back. Then you have the profuse sweaters. These folks come in all shapes and sizes. Their clothes are usually soaked in areas such as, the pits, the back, and sometimes even the ass!! They usually smell too.

2.) Bye Bye Kiddies. Oh yes, that back to school smell is in the air. No longer do I have to drive cautiously down my street at 10am so not to run over any street hockey kids. Their asses are back in school where they belong. Woohoo! I don’t have to hear the annoying screams of Rod & Todd arguing over who’s turn it is to be Tinkerbell (they just can’t seem to agree on that one)! I can open my windows and have a nice breeze blowing in without the shouting, arguing, and screaming sounds of the neighbourhood brats. It’s nice!

3.) My new Fall hair colour (pictured above). With the change of the season, comes the change in my hair colour. I ditch my fun Summer hair for something more sophisticated. My Summer hair tends to be lighter (shades of Blonde and Copper) whereas My Fall hair tends to be darker (shades of Brown and Red). I always change my hair with the seasons, it keeps me preoccupied from cutting it all off or having dreadlocks. I get bored easily!

4.) Hello Televison… Oh how I’ve missed you so! Summer TV sucks! We are forced to sit through reruns, CNN coverage and boring documentaries. With the exception of Big Brother, there really isn’t anything worthwhile on. In fact TV sucks so much in the Summer that I often just do without. Finally with the back to school smell comes the Fall line-up of Season Premieres and new show debuts. Every day in the Fall there’s a new mind-numbing show to watch. Yeah!

5.) R.I.P. mosquitoes! I hate mosquitoes (and bugs in general). With the end of the Summer, comes the end of the bug season. No more paranoia about West Nile and other airborne diseases carried and transmitted by mosquitoes. Not to mention the itchy nasty bites they leave on our superior human flesh.


6 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About The End of Summer

  1. Hey..great way of looking at the beginning of fall. I quite love the fresh smell in the air early in the mornings, I quite love the cascade of colors that envelope my favorite escarpments, I quite love the new hair that does come with the season as well. And I quite love that kid are back in school too….lol

  2. Yeah i’m so happy that Rod & Todd are back in school… They are the most annoying kids EVER!! I can’t wait till the girls get bigger so they can go beat them up and steal their lunch money!

  3. I love the new look. At first, when I was reading your blog I thought to myself: ‘Why does she have a picture of this random chick on her post?’
    Then I was like: ‘Whoa, it’s her.’ Quite the difference a little color can make. I didn’t even recognize you. Wicked!!
    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me a Happy Birthday.

  4. It’s never time to put away those Hawaiian shirts – I’d rock ’em in winter if most of them didn’t look so crappy.

    Word to Old Navy.

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