Jacko – Sees Katrina Disaster As A Personal Opportunity

apparently Michael Jackson plans to record a new song to “benefit Katrina victims”. I’m so sure that this decision is purely for the Katrina victims and in no way intended to benefit himself personally, even though he lost all his cash and the respect of the world during the child molestation case. Give me a break you fucking opportunistic sick bastard!

Acquitted or not, where there’s smoke there’s fire, and Jacko has a sick obsession with young boys. He openly admitted to inviting them into his bed!!! We all know he’s “not right” upstairs, I know it, you know it, and the rest of the world knows it. So, my question is… When he has proven to the world (and his fans) time and time again that he cannot be trusted among children, and is incapable of making responsible adult decisions… Then what gives him the right to take on a project like this in the first place?

I am sure that the victims of the hurricane don’t care how the money gets there as long as they get it. And hey – if he wants to dip into his pocket and give it to them then I would respect him for doing that. BUT… That is not what’s going on here. Jackson is not dipping into his own pocket, but instead using a humanitarian crisis as a platform for his own personal agenda to win over the hearts and minds of the millions of fans he lost by being a perverted sicko.

The money that would be raised from this song likely wouldn’t ALL go to the victims, a percentage of it would, but Jackson would get paid for it. He’s also calling on other artists because he knows that nobody respects him anymore and he needs respected musicians behind him in order to make this happen!

If he wants to help, why doesn’t he sell his mansion or one of his many extravagant possessions? Maybe sell the publishing rights to the 100 or so Beatles songs he retains? There are so many things he owns that are worth millions. So assuming he doesn’t have the cash in his bank account, why couldn’t he give up a couple of luxuries he enjoys in order to provide aide to the victims of Katrina. Even if the dude has NO CASH… If he really wants to help, why doesn’t he get off his ass and go down to New Orleans and help with the clean up, or organize a food and clothing drive. I would respect him a lot more for doing something like that rather than using the hurricane victims to mask his own personal agenda!

It’s not our fault that you’re a child molester Jacko… You should have thought about the consequences of your actions when you started inviting boys into your bed and offering them alcohol, you sick fuck!

4 thoughts on “Jacko – Sees Katrina Disaster As A Personal Opportunity

  1. I TOTTALLY agree with you on this one- He is the biggest, sickest f*ck.

    My jaw literally dropped to the floor when I read the same news story a few days ago and I was totally going to post something along the lines of this, but you beat me to it. How unbelievable!!

    It is a good thing that you beat me to it too because you wrote it way better than I could have. (nice job)

    I am so glad someone else has the balls to say: “WHAT THE F*CK, you fricken retard sick sex offending bastard.

    This is one person I truly despise, just the thought or the sight of him makes me want to throw the f*ck up.

    Keep this FREAK away from that confession booth you mentioned earlier because he does not deserve to be forgiven for his bull-sh*t. He deserves to burn and rot in h*ll with the rest of the perverts.

  2. I do agree also. I have always loved his music but now the hiugh pitched noise I used to think was him sqeeling was probably the children locked in a room scared and alone in a room at his place….lol.

    Oppurtunist…totally…any song he places out now that raises money will place him back on the charts and for the wrong reason…I think he should be contributing from his own pocket..you know like George Clooney…oh well. Whatever people can get away with I guess.’

    I agree, Sel, you did write it to perfection.
    So how many more pages now?? I am so excited…

  3. The only good thing I read in the article was the fact that it is being funded by some Middle Eastern record company… Which tells me that no North American producer will put it out! There’s a website called Jacko Suicide Watch:


    It’s pretty funny… Their tagline is “Because It’s Only a Matter of Time”.

    Peg – I’m up to 100 pages now. I am planning on getting another 20 done by the end of the weekend if possible.

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