The World’s Ugliest Dog

I love dogs… But this is one ugly muther fucker that I couldn’t love even if he shit gold bars! I actually threw up in my mouth a lil’ bit when I saw the photo of him (so apologies to any readers who’ve done the same… my fault). This dog looks like he burst out of the chest of doggy-satan. How could you pet this thing without convulsing? I’d be afraid to pet him just in case one of his nasty little pus-filled sores burst open spraying me with alien venom. I mean, Pet Cemetary had less-scary animals than this and THEY WERE DEAD!!! Does this dog have any doggy friends in the neighbourhood? The other dogs probably don’t think he’s even one of them, they probably run like hell whimpering when he tries to sniff their balls.

Wanna see some more? Your stomach is stronger than mine then… Here, take a look you sick fuck!


3 thoughts on “The World’s Ugliest Dog

  1. OH MY GOD!!!! that is so sad. The poor dog. I feel so difficult would it be to go from my little cutie-pie, Jake, to this little doggie….did you do this just to show me that things can go wrong?? now who is the sick fuck?? lol

  2. This dog is like the polar opposite of Jake!!! Jake would probably vomit if he came across this dog in the park! LOL!!!

    Gross eh… I do feel for the poor mutt though, it’s not his fault he looks like the inside of satans ass.

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