A Letter to the SPAM Whores

Dear Fucking Losers,

I (as well as every other blog citizen) do not appreciate you promoting your waste-of-time, bottom of the barrel, unreputable, fucked up, grade-lower-than-dog-meat, shitty ass products and services on MY BLOG!!! Is this the life you’ve made for yourself? Spamming people’s blogs? Way to shoot for the stars there you fucking wanker(s)! Your mothers must be proud. Imagine the embarassment that you are causing for her and the rest of your family. It probably goes a lil’ something like this:

Mom’s Friend: “What does your son/daughter do for a living?”
Your Mom: “Oh he/she sits around in a roach infested, dirty 1 bedroom apartment that smells like ass on a computer that is 5 years old promoting useless products and services that nobody in their right mind would subscribe to such as; prom accessories, pet insurance, online casinos, mortgages, loans, work at home opportunities, and carpet cleaning.”
Mom’s Friend: “Ooooh Internet Whore huh??”
Your Mom: “Yes, he/she is dead to us! We have cut him/her out of the will.”
Mom’s Friend: “Oh… wow, i’m so sorry to hear that. So, did I tell you that my son just finished law school?”

Do you think that you are achieving some pinnacle of success by being a SPAM WHORE? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (**wiping tears from eyes**)!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Okay… need to breathe… Catching my breath…. Gotta stop laughing… Aha! HA!

All of you SPAMMERS are the equivelant to the 6 month old rotting shit nobody picked up in the dog park! You are like the hork at the back of some construction workers throat before he spews it out onto the pavement! You are the bile in the stomach of someone that’s about to puke out their guts! You are fucking losers!!! Get a real job!!!

Somebody who thinks your life is a JOKE!!


7 thoughts on “A Letter to the SPAM Whores

  1. You are the funniest thing ever. Whil I should have been working away today I found myself reading your posts since May….absolutely brilliant!!! You are definately going to make it with being an author Selina….your girlies are going to be so proud of their mommy. I cannot wait to read your book. I can barely keep your bllog closed. Thanks for the entertainment

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