In The Throes of a Coupland Binge

I finished reading Miss Wyoming not too long ago. It had been a while since I had picked up a non-self-helpish or new age hippie crap book. It was so fucking refreshing to be able to read something, enjoy it, and get lost in it’s pages without having to stop after each paragraph and ask yourself “what do I need to change in my life?“. Despite it’s checkered reviews, I actually LOVED Miss Wyoming. I thought it was extremely well written, tragic and humerous at the same time. The one core message it sends is that “people can change” which is always nice to hear. It isn’t quite as thick on plot development as most of Couplands stuff (earlier stuff especially), but it was a nice read!

After I finished reading Miss Wyoming I was kinda sad that I didn’t have another good book lined up. Upon a glance at my IKEA Billy bookcase I was kind of annoyed to see mostly astrology, dream interpretation, business / success, and self-help books!! What a joke!! Then in the midst of the obscure spines I happened to notice Microserfs. It was another Coupland book (that I hadn’t yet read), so I grabbed it off the shelf. It’s Joe’s, he’s an ex-hacking techno punk. I have never expressed an interest in reading it because (even though I am a geek), it just seemed a little “too geeky” for my tastes… purely on assumption of course!

I read the first few pages and discovered that I was wrong… It was written in the same manner and style that he was made famous for. Anyway… I’m hooked, I’m almost half-way through now and already thinking about my next book consumption!

The timing for this binge is perfectly in line with my quest to write and complete my own book in 100 days or less (today being day 2). I am finding that (perhaps because i’m reading an author that I idolize) I am more motivated and focused on what I am doing. I already have a few pages written, most of the characters mapped out, and 3 working titles.


3 thoughts on “In The Throes of a Coupland Binge

  1. DAMN!!! You GO!! I just came to realize I am a book junkie too when I kept my daughter out late (9pm) to sit on the floor of a book store with 5 open books on my lap. Every time I looked at the shelf I seen something else I wanted to open and sample. I walked out with the original book I stumbled upon online hours before, a new trance CD, and a puzzle for my daughter. I have 54 pages left of my current read and I’m having separation anxiety. Text books should cure that in 2 1/2 days. I wonder if they will come with audio CDs I can listen to in the car on the way to school- It will be a four hour drive- half the distance I drove before. (Thanks for the site addy you are working from- 100 days or less) Sounds like you are on a roll.

  2. Yes Douglas Coupland is a literary God!! I love his style!

    KC – I know tha separation anxiety you speak of… LOL!! I think the “100 days or less” site was just a “sign” (aka – kick in the ass) for me to get moving on it… It worked though… 14,000 words and counting…

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