Supply & Demand… What’s The Problem???

Ontario is short on power (again), so of course they are looking to us (the citizens) to cut back on our power consumption to save their sorry asses. This isn’t really about energy conservation, this is about saving some dumb-ass corporate executive who’s head will roll if we experience another black out, like the crazy-ass one we had in 2003 (pictured above).

This whole racket of a situation begs to question… Why should WE cut back??? We are paying for the fucking power, so shouldn’t we be able to use it at our leisure… Have our A/C cranking away day and night, all lights and electronic equipment plugged in and powered up and use as much power as we damn-well please?! I think these assholes are forgetting that WE ARE PAYING for the power we consume!!!

Obviously there is a need for more power, so what the fuck… Go get it, or make it or whatever. But please stop looking at us and saying “yeah, we’re gonna need you to go ahead and cut back on your power consumption” just because you’re not doing your job properly! Supply & demand biatch… We’re demanding so you better be supplying! Very fucking simple!


3 thoughts on “Supply & Demand… What’s The Problem???

  1. Yeah, and Credit Card Companies are increasing minimum payments from 2% to 4% by the end of this year.

    So if you are paying $200/ month- expect to pay $400/mo.

    They COULD just lower intrest rates, but NO– they want to screw the people. *A-Holes* Greedy MOFO’s WTF. They have our money, why take more?

  2. totally correct assumption. There’s nothing wrong with letting the market handle things.. but the problem is that there is no free market for power since Enron dissapeared.. So, basicly you have one power company.. when they decide to shut things down you’re fucked.. See, now if you had a choice in the matter, if you could say to them “you shut me off, I’m going to this other guy for power” then they would have an incentive to create more power for you.. until then, you’re at their mercy.. the free market works great when it’s allowed to work…

  3. Yeah… I guess we are pretty “powerless” in this situation aren’t we?! It just sucks because our (Western) world is used to the idea that you can have whatever you want as long as you’re willing to pay for it. So it sucks when you’re told “NO” even though you’re flashing your cash… 😉

    Ahhh… Western Greed & Consumption… Gotta Love it! 😉

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