Church Signs Are Fun – Vol. 1

Damn It… NOW You Tell Me!!
“And all this time I thought I was having an intimate relationship with God!”

A Pastor Who Knows How To Advertise!
“Well I do like power, and I would like to be powerful… so down I go I guess. Are you sure God said that this is okay?” Said the boy.

What??! Don’t get mad at me… I didn’t create the sign. Don’t shoot the messenger!


2 thoughts on “Church Signs Are Fun – Vol. 1

  1. Thanks. Sometimes I just surf thru other peoples blogs to see if they are as twisted as I am… See what other cats are writing about and what not.

    If you click “next blog” at the top of the screen it just takes you through random peoples blogs. So I take the blog tour someetimes and if something looks interesting, I stop and read… which is how I came across yours!

    Keep writing… it becomes a sick obsession after a while!


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