She doesn’t deserve an Iced Cappuccino

Tim Hortons is mortified at Homolkas impromptu endorsement of their popular Iced Cappuccino beverage.

Yeah… The only “iced cap” this bitch deserves is an Iced Cold CapInHerAss!!!! I really feel for the poor folks working behind the counters at Timmy Hoes now though. Imagine the look on their face when the cold blooded serial killer enters their store stares them square in the face and orders an Iced Cappuccino. Do you want to be the worker who declares “I’m sorry, we don’t serve serial killers here”. I think not! I’d like to see one of the women who spoke out in the article turn her down face to face. Sure the manager says “absolutely not” but when he’s staring death in the face is he going to say that?! I don’t fucking think so!

I feel for Timmys though, I really do. They’re probably sitting there saying “couldn’t she have said she’d like a Big Mac instead… fucking whore!” But seriously, do you think it’s going to stop millions of coffee addicts from lining up at the Tim Hortons drive thru each morning (when it’s clearly faster to walk in)…?! Of course not!! We are a nation of coffee-addicted Tim Hortons junkies…. We’d take it intravenously if we could! So the company as a whole should not have any worries about the effect on sales. It’s the folks that work behind the counter… They are the ones who should worry… Especially the young women… I’d be shittin’ bricks! In fact I think I’d quit and go work at McDonalds instead where the serial killers don’t want to go.


2 thoughts on “She doesn’t deserve an Iced Cappuccino

  1. I’m sorry, before I read your blog I had no idea who this b*tch was.

    She said she often cries and is filled with remorse for her black past with ex-husband Paul Bernardo, with whom she participated in the rape, torture and murder of two Ontario schoolgirls, as well as the drug-rape death of Homolka’s own 15-year-old sister Tammy.”

    Now I hate her- what a sick c*nt!! AND LONDON!!! WTF?

  2. yeah… she shouldn’t even be out of jail, but the b!tch struck a deal with the court and sold her ex-husband out and was able to get a lesser sentence. Nice justice system huh!!!

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