Would you like a case-a-dilla?

If my name were Barb or Marge… I’d probably pronounce Quesadilla like case-a-dilla. I would also play BINGO on Saturday nights, wear pleated pants, and have a short cropped perm. I might have one of those little annoying White yapper dogs who you just want to shoot with a tranquilizer dart when they get all worked up over the breeze blowing in the grass. I would be really into crafting and would make those little kleenex box doll covers and pot holders. My husbands name might be Bob or Tom and I would have a trailer property that we would vacation at in the summer. I would be the kind of neighbour that is always interested in what everyone else is doing… but would try to be discreet about my spying. I would be a little overweight and would appear to have a pouch when my (pleated) pants are hiked up over my belly button causing a major flood down below.

I’m sure that there are lots of Barbs and Marges out there that don’t fit this mould… but i’m also quite certain that there are a lot who do!

Anyway… My name is NOT Barb or Marge… It’s Selina… and I am Lingo Slinger! What the hell is a Lingo Slinger you ask?! It is the name I came up with for my inherent love of coining phrases. Throughout this literary jungle of a blog, you will often hear words or phrases that you have not heard before that might tickle your fancy… on the other hand they might make you think “what a bitch“… or “she’s going to hell for sure”… or even “at least she’s honest”.

So sit back and watch (if you want to) while the evolution of Lingo Slinger takes shape. Or…. just laugh and say “oh look… another blog hopeful” and dismiss it like you would an insignificant piece of crap. Either way… it doesn’t really matter. But whatever you do… Don’t wear pleated pants ladies…. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!



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